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Searching for a differential

Since 2012, Argo Insurance has been in Brazil offering solutions in Civil Responsibility, Patrimonial and Transportation Insurance.

Known for the quality of their products and for their focus on technology, the leader in their actuation niche, found in Trinca the perfect partner for technological innovation since their arrival in Brazil. From then until now, there have been 10 years of consolidated partnership and the delivery of solutions which have strengthened their digital ecosystem.

Digital transformation for growth

With their arrival in Brazil, Argo looked to consolidate, in an agile way, their positioning in the market and their proposal of good value. With a global presence and local performance, the challenge was to connect with the brokers and work closely with them. However, in a country the size of a continent, the necessity to invest in technology and in the digitalization of processes in order to reach their objectives was obvious.

Another challenge that Argo faced was related to their management system: eliminating steps and finding automated process solutions were the keys to consolidate and scale up the business.

From strategy to differentiation

Trinca was fundamental in Argo`s digital transformation process, co-creating the strategy and proposing solutions in order to generate value. Through research and usability testing, we innovated to construct a large part of the company's digital ecosystem and we helped to transform the business performance with the delivery of a number of products, such as the Protector Platform, RD Bikes, Argo Instant, Argo Digital Platform, Analytics/Business Intelligence, among others.

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Our partnership contributed to the digital and cultural transformation of Argo, becoming an important element of differentiation and resulting in the leadership of their actuation niche with a team far smaller than that of their competition.

Among the innumerous solutions we constructed together, the Protector Store Platform - the first 100% online insurance platform in Brazil, generated a significant impact on the business, representing almost half of the total income of the business since its launch.

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