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About the project
Telas e escova de dentes Deeno

Gamification to create life changing experiences

Deeno is an English company dedicated to the improvement of well-being and dental hygiene in infants. Founded in 2019, the brand counted on Trinca in its conception. Deeno’s  goal was to make parents’ lives easier, introducing a fun way for children to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Here at Trinca, we believe in the importance of transforming ideas into real projects.This sentiment has allowed us to enter in contact with entrepreneurs with incredible visions, giving us the opportunity to be a part of the creation of innovative products.

Ryan Donaghi, for example, planned to make a toothbrush connected to a cellular phone that could reward the daily tooth brushing of children through gamification. Starting with this proposal, we understood the necessity to create something that would make children fall in love with and become a daily companion to toothbrushing. With this in mind, we got together with illustration and branding partners to co-create an animated character called Deeno, the dinosaur protagonist of the product.

A loving and affectionate character

When we created the Deeno character, we understood that it wouldn’t simply be enough to create a dinosaur to illustrate the game. The character had to make children fall in love with him and be a partner in daily toothbrushing.

We were inspired by the tamagotchi toys to create the app. Deeno would be a pet. He is born the moment a child opens the box. From that moment the child needs to take care of their dinosaur. Giving love, food, playing adventure games and during every toothbrush, winning points to continue evolving, to buy exclusive items and to have fun.


We developed a modern app for IOS and Android that connects to the toothbrush via bluetooth. It gamifies the game together with the child’s daily toothbrushing. Trinca delivered all the games, and their dynamics for the app, along with the product’s design system.
The partnership went so well that today Deeno has become a successful business in all of England and Wales.

Sketches do personagem DeenoTelas do app DeenoMocks de tela do app e escova DeenoTelas do app Deeno
Ryan Donaghi

“Working with Trinca is like being part of a family. From the first brainstorming session, their dedication and commitment to the project were incomparable. We have become lifelong friends and there are not many companies who can say that!”.

Ryan Donaghi

Deeno Founder