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About the project
Tela site Fabio Haag

Transform the experience with focus on the business’s objectives

Fabio Haag Type typographic studio believes in the strength of expressivity to increase the value of brands. Led by designer Fabio Haag, the company has participated in over 200 projects and has worked with brands like Globo, Nestlé, Magazine Luiza, Banco do Brasil, among others.


Our challenge was to rethink the studio’s site from a strategic point of view: transform the purchase of fonts into an uncomplicated experience, centered on people, and thereby increasing the volume of sales.

We chose UX Planning as a framework. With this as a starting point, we applied different methodologies and personalized the dynamics in accordance with the needs of the studio. We understood that the main objective was to stand out in the market with their e-commerce, making the exclusive licensing system used by the studio perfectly clear.

Always thinking about the best experience

The main focus of the strategy was to simplify the purchase of licenses, with the intention of making this area of the site more accessible, reducing the number of steps to arrive at the purchase page. With this necessity in mind, our development and design team created a typetester where it is possible to try different fonts directly on the homepage of the e-commerce site, viewing all the possible variations of the fonts.


The final product is a totally remodeled platform that aligns with a new positioning in the market for Fabio Haag Type studio brand, and an experience that allies simplicity and functionality focused on the objectives of the business.

Telas site Fabio HaagTelas site Fabio HaagTelas site Fabio Haag