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Pessoa com o app Gringo aberto

The friend to the Brazilian motorist app

Gringo is an app that was created to simplify the lives of Brazilian motorists. It helps to monitor taxes, traffic tickets and driver’s license points free of charge using a tax registration number (CPF) and the license plate of the car. It notifies the drivers about payments and helps choose the most affordable payment options.


Trinca was hired to validate the business model through prototypes and research with real users. The most noteworthy question was: “ Is there a market for a consultation and notification tool which allows users to pay road tax (IPVA), traffic tickets and centralized services in installments on one superapp?”

Starting with proof of concept, the team at Trinca went out to chat to potential clients to understand if the pains and hypotheses brought forward were real.

The results of the process showed that there was, through the validation of the business model, an opportunity for the product. We then began with a SprintZero to construct the scope of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and deliver the first version of Gringo to the market. The framework helped the product team to understand the necessary effort it would take to scale up the business and deliver through the organization of development conveyor belts.


We developed a modern app in react native, consuming data from the proprietary API and storing user information on Google Firebase. Gringo talks directly to the motorist. The app has been in use in Brazil since 2019, improving and simplifying the lives of many car owners across the country.

Telas app do Gringo
Caíque Carvalho

Trinca managed to deliver a product completely focused on the user with excellent market research and UX Design

Caíque Carvalho

CEO of Gringo