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Pessoas dividindo comida no sofá de casa

Valuing the ecosystems

Founded in 2011, iFood is one of the biggest Foodtechs in Latin America, with a presence in countries like Argentina, Mexico and Columbia. They bring clients, restaurants and delivery drivers together with the objective of offering incredible experiences to every one of them.


Our challenge with iFood was to create an institutional communication platform which highlighted the complex ecosystem of this Foodtech. A complex system driven by restaurants, delivery drivers, partners, staff and civil society. A chain that makes the delivery of over 40 million orders per month possible.

To give our work direction throughout the process, we chose a framework called UX planning. This model allows us to explore all the possibilities to solve the problem, as well as test and validate, finishing with a completely developed solution.

Highlighting the stories that make up iFood

We understood that it was necessary to clearly and transparently highlight the ecosystem that the business was composed of, showing the different agents that were present.

From this premise we completed mapping and analysis to show us how best to tell, visually, iFood’s story. The construction of this new communication space for the business with society was thought of using the corroboration of different areas, allowing diverse visions to participate in the platform.


The new institutional site was thought of openly, allowing the actions promoted by the company to be constantly updated. Focusing on the CMS it was developed exclusively for iFood, making it possible to make changes directly on the page, making the process practical and simple.

Telas sistema argo digital
Gustavo Ramos

“Transparency is essential for iFood in all communication, and Trinca managed to translate all our necessities into intuitive, easy to use platforms”.

Gustavo Ramos

Head of Internal Communication, Culture and D&I